【'60s Music】ピーター、ポール&マリー(2017.06.15)


01│Early In The Morning│早朝
02│500 Miles│500マイルも離れて
04│This Train
06│It's Raining│雨の降る日
07│If I Had My Way
08│Cruel War│悲惨な戦争
09│Lemon Tree│レモン・トゥリー
10│If I Had a Hammer│ハンマーを持ったら
11│Autumn To May
12│Where Have All the Flowers Gone ?│花はどこへ行った

01│Settle Down
02│Gone The Rainbow│虹と共に消えた恋
04│Pretty Mary│可愛いマリー
05│Puff, the Magic Dragon│パフ
06│This Land Is Your Land│我が祖国
07│Man Come Into Egypt│エジプトに行く男
08│Old Coat
09│Tiny Sparrow│ちっちゃなスズメ
10│Big Boat
11│Morning Train

01│Very Last Day
03│Long Chain On
04│Rocky Road
05│Tell It On The Mountain│山に登ろう
06│Polly Von
08│All My Trials│私の試練
09│Don't Think Twice, It's All Right│くよくよするなよ
10│Freight Train
11│Quit Your Lowdown Ways
12│Blowin' In The Wind│風に吹かれて

01│The Times They Are-A-Changin'│時代は変わる
02│A 'Soalin'
03│500 Miles│500マイルも離れて
05│Three Ravens
06│One Kind Favor
07│Blowin' In The Wind│風に吹かれて
10│Jesus Met The Woman│井戸端の女
11│Le Deserteur
12│Oh, Rock My Soul
14│Single Girl
15│There Is A Ship
16│It's Raining
17│If I Had My Way
18│If I Had A Hammer│ハンマーを持ったら

01│When The Ship Comes In
02│Jimmy Whalen
03│Come And Go With Me
04│Gilgarry Mountain
05│Ballad Of Spring Hill (Spring Hill Disaster)
06│Motherless Child
07│Wasn't That A Time
08│Monday Morning
09│The Cuckoo
10│San Francisco Bay Blues
11│Talkin' Candy Bar Blues
12│For Lovin' Me

01│If I Were Free
02│Betty & Dupree
03│The Rising Of The Moon
04│Early Mornin' Rain│朝の雨
05│Jane, Jane
06│Because All Men Are Brothers│すべてが兄弟
08│Brother, (Buddy) Can You Spare A Dime ?│倹約できるかい
09│The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
10│Tryin' To Win
11│On A Desert Island (With You In My Dreams)
12│The Last Thing On My Mind

01│And When I Die
02│Sometime Lovin'
03│Pack Up Your Sorrows│悲しみをわが手に
04│The King Of Names
05│For Baby (For Bobbie)
06│Hurry Sundown
07│The Other Side Of Life│人生の裏側
08│The Good Times We Had
09│Kisses Sweeter Than Wine│ワインより甘いキッス
10│Norman Normal
11│Mon Vrai Destin│鐘の音に導かれて
12│Well, Well, Well

01│Rolling Home
02│Leaving On A Jet Plane│悲しみのジェット・プレーン
03│Weep For Jamie
04│No Other Name
05│The House Song
06│The Great Mandella (The Wheel Of Life)
07│I Dig Rock And Roll Music│ロック天国
08│If I Had Wings
09│I'm In Love With A Big Blue Frog│大きな青い蛙に恋をした
11│Bob Dylan's Dream│ボブ・ディランの夢
12│The Song Is Love

Warner Bros. - Seven Arts Records ‎– WS 1751

02│Moments Of Soft Persuasion
03│Yesterday's Tomorrow
04│Too Much Of Nothing
05│There's Anger In The Land
06│Love City (Postcards To Duluth)
07│She Dreams
09│Tramp On The Street
10│I Shall Be Released
11│Reason To Believe
12│Rich Man Poor Man

01│The Marvelous Toy
02│Day Is Done
03│Leatherwing Bat
04│I Have A Song To Sing, Oh !
05│All Through The Night
06│It's Raining
07│B1Going To The Zoo
08│Boa Constrictor
09│Make-Believe Town
11│Christmas Dinner
12│Puff (The Magic Dragon)

Warner Bros. Records ‎– BSK 3231

01│Like The First Time
02│By Surprise
03│Forever Young
04│Ms. Rheingold
05│I Need Me To Be For Me
06│The Unicorn Song
07│Summer Highland Falls
08│Sweet Survivor
09│Best Of Friends

01│Such Is Love
03│Would You Like To Learn To Dance ?
04│Music Speaks Louder Than Words
05│Don't Go Down To The Quarry
06│There But For Fortune
07│Every Flower
08│Delivery Delayed
09│Wild Places (For Caloola)

01│Weave Me The Sunshine
02│Right Field
03│I'd Rather Be In Love
04│State Of The Heart
05│No Easy Walk To Freedom
06│Greenland Whale Fisheries
07│Whispered Words
08│El Salvador
10│Light One Candle

01│We Wish You A Merry Christmas
02│A Soalin'
03│The Friendly Beasts
04│O Come, O Come Emmanuel
05│I Wonder As I Wander
06│The Magi (The Heart Of A Man's Palace)
07│Children Go Where I Send Thee
08│The Cherry Tree Carol
09│'Twas The Night Before Christmas
10│Hayo, Haya
11│Light One Candle
12│Blowin' In The Wind